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Couple Photoshoot for C and L

Moral of this story: English weather is (thankfully) unreliable.

We scheduled this couple photoshoot a while ago, with no idea what the weather would be like. June should be full of glorious sunshine, but when it came to the big day, the clouds were almost black and the rainstorm would not stop. I asked C and L if they wanted to move to a later date, but they very bravely said they wanted to go ahead whatever. Up until I left for the session I was terrified I would be shooting in a downpour. On the drive over I was met with golden sunshine so I was actually really excited upon arrival. The whole photoshoot was an absolute dream. C and L looked gorgeous whatever I told them to do and I loved the trust they put in me, even when I asked them to do a lift! If we had not taken a chance on the weather we would have missed out on this beautiful Cambridge summer evening.


Thank you for joining me over here! If you don't know me, I'm Livi: a photographer from Cambridge. I love to knit, bake and read - yes, I am indeed a twenty-something-granny.

Although I studied Classical Studies at uni, I always knew I would end up doing something creative with my life and this seems to be it. I have always loved taking photographs, but that passion came alive when I started my photography diploma.

I'm here to give you an insight into photoshoots, encourage you to get behind the lens and hopefully excite you about photography.


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