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What to Wear for a Photoshoot

Wondering what you're supposed to wear for a photoshoot? Whatever makes you comfortable! I'll give you some tips, but the key is to make sure you feel utterly yourself. Your personality needs to come through the camera, and the best way to do that is through your clothing choices and you being comfortable. I've put together some mood boards for you to get some inspiration but the most important bit of advice I have is to make sure you have prepared your choices well in advance so you're not stressed about it the hour before your photoshoot.


Before you start to plan any outfits, think about your photoshoot location. If your shoot is in your home, go with colours that will compliment your home decor - neutrals are often best. A white t-shirt and jeans would work brilliantly in anyone's home.

If your shoot is outdoors, think about clothing choices that will go well with your backdrop. Pastels, neutrals or earthy colours for different times of year.


It is not necessary or advisable to wear matching clothes! However, it is a good idea to try to coordinate amongst the members of the photoshoot. Let everyone wear what shows off their personality the best, picking colours that compliment each other. Choose a few shades to ensure your images are not flat - everyone wearing white will be a bit overwhelming and not have any depth to it.

Keep it Plain

Avoid any crazy patterns, text or big logos. These are majorly distracting when looking back at your photos. Keep it plain or subtle.


It can get pretty chilly in the autumn and winter months, so don't be afraid to layer up! A chunky knitted jumper, scarf and coat can look nice and cosy and keep you warm. If you want to wear thermals underneath, go for it. There's nothing worse than not being able to to stop shivering whilst trying to look at ease!


If your shoot is out in the elements, it is like you will need some sensible footwear. For walking around a city centre or a paved area, choose comfortable shoes, such as ballet flats or wedges. In more rural areas, I might be asking you to walk through long grass, so make sure you have appropriate footwear. Functional but cute!


Once again, keeping it simple is best! Avoid wearing a watch as this will be really obvious when looking back through your photos. One thing you'll probably forget about is your phone and just shove it into a pocket - don't! There is nothing more distracting than the shape of a phone bulging out of a trouser pocket.


It's often forgotten about, but your photographs will hopefully be looked at for years and years to come, so pick items of clothing that will look good in forty years time. Try to avoid fad clothing that will make you wince in the future. You'll thank me in decades to come.

Final Tip

Lay everything you intend to wear as a family/couple out on the bed or the floor, shoes and everything. Does your eye immediately get drawn to one item? That will happen when you are looking at your photos.

Here are some seasonal ideas for you:

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Thank you for joining me over here! If you don't know me, I'm Livi: a photographer from Cambridge. I love to knit, bake and read - yes, I am indeed a twenty-something-granny.

Although I studied Classical Studies at uni, I always knew I would end up doing something creative with my life and this seems to be it. I have always loved taking photographs, but that passion came alive when I started my photography diploma.

I'm here to give you an insight into photoshoots, encourage you to get behind the lens and hopefully excite you about photography.

Livi x


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